Natural Stone Tiles

Formed from organic materials with combinations of heat and pressure over millions of years, there is nothing quite like the character of natural stone. Our vast collection of marble, limestone, sandstone and slate in formats ranging from mosaics, flagstones and bespoke slabs will give your space texture and elegance. Our knowledgeable team will advise on the best heating systems and sealants to keep your stone looking and feeling lovely for years.


For some spaces, only the unique, classic character of natural stone will do. From firm favourites such as limestone and slate to the newest finds and formats in marble, we stock an extensive range of stone floor and wall tiles in subtle to bold shades. Durable and versatile, it’s an enduringly popular surface choice for kitchens, boot rooms, halls, bathrooms and outdoor areas.

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Sourced from all over the world, we’ll help you choose the right stone and sealants for your space
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