Rigid Vinyl Flooring

Rigid Vinyl Flooring is revolutionising the flooring industry with its unmatched durability, 100% waterproof properties, and easy installation and maintenance requirements. Our Timber mimic range offers extra-long planks and Herringbone patterns, while our large format tile range boasts incredibly realistic designs. With a uniform click mechanism across same-brand products, you can seamlessly transition from tile to plank for a personalised look. And in the event of a flood, simply lift, dry, and reinstall with ease. At Tile and Floor, we carefully select brands that excel in design, structure, and aftercare. Explore our curated selection and discover the benefits of Rigid Vinyl Flooring, whether you need a resilient solution for flood-prone areas or crave low-maintenance, exquisite flooring.

F026 Deco HR RGB

Rigid vinyl tiles and planks are an incredibly versatile flooring option ideal for high-traffic and wet areas alike, offering an extensive range of natural styles and patterns. Its durability against stains, heat, water, and UV light makes it exceptionally easy to maintain, while its affordability adds to its widespread appeal as a popular flooring choice.

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